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Check out on this page our favorites for clothing for the whole family in Los Angeles County.  Please also see our new page "Clothing, Fashion / Orange County" for deals in the OC.  Everything at these stores and boutiqes and discounters is first quality unless we note there are seconds or flaws.  Always check with the stores for their return policies.  Some discounters do not allow returns, and exchanges only.  Some discounters are selling seconds or clothing with minor flaws, so check your merchandise carefully.  If the clothing is sold as "first quality" you should not find any flaws.  Many discounters sell clothing that is one or two seasons "old."  But today, with the slow economy, many discounters are selling current merchandise that the factories could not sell to department stores or high end retailers so these top label clothes find their way to discounters more quickly.

Also check our pages "Clothing / Children, Kids" and "Designer Resale Fashion" and "Clothing / Men and Suits" and "Shoes and Boots and Hosieryto see more of our best deals on TV.


Update July 7, 2016  Hari Casuals discounts naural fiber clothing at its factory store at 1410 South Orange Avenue in Los Angeles. The linen clothing is high-quality, follows current trends, and is made in Los Angeles for distribution to high-end boutiques. But at its factory store you buy factory-direct at deeply discounted prices. There are sales when even the factory discounted prices are cut. You will find casual clothing as well as dresses and there is a wide selection of colors and sizes. These linen garments are machine washable and pre-shrunk and designed for a long life. Our Best Buys TV Show report is below.

Hari Casuals
1410 South Orange Grove Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90019


Update April 24, 2013  Those of you who remember my Money Reports on KCAL9 will recall that I often reported on the great deals at several of the unique shops in The Alley In The Valley in Tarzana and the fantastic store for women's fashions called My Fair Lady.  Well, My Fair Lady is still going strong with women's fashions including sportswear, cruise and resort styles.  My Fair Lady carries brands including I.C. Collection, Damee, Clara Sun Woo, Jess & Jane, Mesmerize and Liverpool.  You will find the best prices and owner Jonathan Rick promises that you will "always get a flattering fit and a stylish look."  And for those of you who can't make it to Tarzana and the San Fernando Valley (the "Alley" is just north of the 101 Freeway at the Reseda Boulevard Exit, south of Oxnard Street) then you can shop on the new website for the store -- -- and have your order sent to you.  Our Best Buys TV Show report is below.

My Fair Lady
6000 Reseda Boulevard
Tarzana, California 91356


Update July 30, 2012  The next Saturday Sale is August 25th and this Saturday Sale will be featuring designer clothing for back to school and back to work for students and for teachers and for savvy consumers who want to buy designer fashions for less than wholesale prices.  The Saturday Sale allows shoppers to buy direct from the manufacturers, designers and wholesalers at the California Market Center at 110 East 9th Street in downtown L.A.  This is at the intersection of 9th and Los Angeles Streets.

There are many top designer and brand names featured in the Saturday Sale but we can't mention them here because they will be sold at below wholesale prices.  Students will love the designer clothing and accessories that will be featured in the upcoming event.  School tuitions might be going up but you always get the lowest prices at the Saturday Sale.  They should teach this in Economics 101 -- you get more for your money at The Saturday Sale for back to school shopping.

The Saturday Sale at the California Market Center
110 East 9th Street
Los Angeles
(310) 837-6788

At the Saturday Sale you will always find the newest styles and designs with the top labels.  Sometimes you are buying samples direct from the showrooms and sometimes you are buying factory overproduction and overcuts from the factories.  There are the usual sample sizes, of course, but with the overcuts and overproduction you will find all sizes are available.  There is clothing for men, women and kids and there are accessories too.  And the best part about the Saturday sales is that prices can be 80% off what the same fashions are selling for right now in trendy boutiques and department stores.

We frequently visit the California Market Center to preview some of the fashions and designer clothing that will be available.  It is always amazing to see the new fashions that are available at a fraction of retail prices at the Saturday Sales.  This is new, first quality merchandise and sometimes you will find exra bargains on merchandise with tiny flaws direct from the factories.

Remember that Saturday Sale hours are limited -- from 10-AM till 3:30-PM only and there is convenient parking.  There is a $2 entrance fee and this fee keeps out the non-serious shoppers.

I first told you about The Saturday Sale years ago when I was doing the consumer news reports on KCAL9 and I am happy to tell you that The Saturday Sale is just as much a bargain today as it was five years ago.  Watch our report about the upcoming August 25, 2012 sale below.

Below are our TV show reports of previous Saturday Sales.

Our Best Buys TV Show report about the April 28, 2012 Saturday Sale is below.

Our Best Buys TV Show report about the February 25, 2012 sale is below.  In this report you'll learn more about how the Saturday Sale works and what makes it a unique sample sale.


Update March 14, 2012  This chain of discount clothing stores for men, women and kids operates under two names:  there is the Edge Wears store in the Stonewood Mall in Downey, and then there are the Dona Michi stores in Montebello at the Montebello Town Center, and in Santa Ana at the Main Place mall, and in Victorville in the Victor Valley Mall, and in National City at the Plaza Bonita mall.

What makes Edge Wears and Dona Michi different is that they are owned by the manufacturer and distributor of fine leather goods including leather jackets and coats and motorcycle jackets for men and women and for kids, too.  You will find that these stores are actually outlets for the wholesale lines that are sold to other retailers and for the most part you are buying factory-direct at Edge Wears and Dona Michi for less than wholesale prices.

You will find leather jackets -- all first quality with no defects -- starting $20.99.  You will find that the "high end" leather jackets that sell for $149 in the Edge Wears and Dona Michi stores can sell for as much as $450 at other retail stores.

There are great deals on accessories including leather hand bags that are priced at about $10 each.  Get men's and women's belts at $5 each.  There are deals on leather wallets.  There are fashion shoes for men priced at around $20 a pair.  And there are fashion jeans and licensed major league basefall shirts and jackets.

You can also order from their website and check their selection or call 562-630-6565 for information.  Our Best Buys TV Show report is below.


Update January 4, 2012  I didn't know what to expect when I was told that there was a store in Huntington Park selling clothing at 99-cents per garment.  What could they be selling at that price-- rags?  No-- they sell name brand clothing and not just old tee shirts.  There are sweaters and jackets and hoodies and shirts and sun dresses and name brand jeans and clothing for women and junior sizes, and kids clothing and clothing for guys too -- and everything is 99-cents per garment.

Is this possible?  Yes, when the store is a liquidator of department store returns, factory overproduction, clothing from previous seasons, merchandise from other retailers who need to closeout and move-out previous season's merchandise, and other liquidations.

The company is called 3-B and everything is 99-cents per garment.  Yes, they do carry closeouts on perfume and some other items that are slightly higher priced -- but the clothing is always 99-cents per garment.  Nothing is worn or used, but you might find garments that were marred or marked while being handled so do examine the clothing carefully.  This store is open 365 days a year except for this year -- 2012 -- when it will be open 366 days because it's a Leap Year.  Yes, they're open on holidays.  Our TV show report is below.  There is metered parking on the street.  Sorry, no phone number -- they told me that they're too busy helping customers to take phone calls.

3-B Clothing for 99-Cents
7010 Pacific Boulevard
Huntington Park, California 90255


Update August 23, 2011  If you remember my reports on KCAL-TV, I used to cover the discount clothing stores called Styles For Less.  This discounter of current styles for juniors is now expanding.  Styles For Less has stores in the San Diego area and now I'm pleased to tell you that Styles For Less is once again adding more stores to the Los Angeles area.  This is good news for shoppers.

Styles For Less offers the latest styles of clothing, shoes, accessories and more for less, just like its name says.  And there are now more than 130 locations offering chic styles for school, career and weekend fun.  You will also find accessories and current styles including denim, dresses, sweaters, handbags, shoes, and jewelry.

Check their website for information.


Update May 6, 2011  J-Bees is in the Lakewood Center Mall in Lakewood and it has a great selection on premium casual fashions for men and you will find that many popular fashions and brands are discounted.  Among the popular styles are Polo and Levis and True Religion and LaCoste and there are also men's dress shoes and casual shoes.  Look for the clearance rack where many big brands have prices discounted by 30-percent.  Of course parking is free and convenient and the shopping is easy and the selection and styles are top-notch for guys who want to be casual and impress.  J-Bees is at 45 Lakewood Center Mall, Lakewood.  Call 562-531-2911 for information.  Our TV report is below.


The online seller with designs by Sherry Goggin is offering a special 10% discount with this code: "Fit10"  Get swimsuit sets, shorts, tops, dresses, capris and more.


Check our page called "Discounters, Outlets / Santa Fe Seconds" for the three locations of the Santa Fe Seconds and Santa Fe Outlet Stores.  This liquidator usually has a good inventory of family clothing that was in department stores.


There are other stores who price their clothing at $5.99 but there is only one "Hi Fashion $5.99" group of clothing stores and these seven stores in the Los Angeles area give you something the other $5.99 stores can't -- because Hi Fashion $5.99 really has high fashion and the latest styles.  in fact, it is not unusual to find fashions in this discounter that are in major department stores at the same time.  They have a new website at with information.  See their page on our site called "Clothing / Hi Fashion $5.99" for their videos.  Here are the locations and phone numbers for the seven Hi Fashion $5.99 clothing stores in the Los Angeles area:

3320 West Century Boulevard, Inglewood  (310) 677-6208

13045 Hawthorne Boulevard, Hawthorne  (310) 676-9599

268 South Market Street, Inglewood  (310) 672-7200

14929 Hawthorne Boulevard, Lawndale  (310) 644-3700

5367 / 5369 West Centinela Avenue, Los Angeles  (310) 337-1098

5818 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles  (323) 933-0400

1431 West Knox Street, Suite #300, Torrance  (310) 212-7489

Hi Fashion 5.99 has the best selection of accessories starting at only 99-cents each including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, belts and sunglasses.  Watch their videos on our "Clothing / Hi Fashion $5.99" page.


You can't miss shopping at the FIDM Scholarship Store at 919 South Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles.  Call them at (213) 624-1200.  This is where manufacturers of high end and designer clothing donate their overruns and seconds to help raise scholarship money for students at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in downtown Los Angeles.  There are sixty dollar garments that sell for only one dollar because of a tiny flaw, such as a pull in the fabric.  There are overruns of designer clothing that is sold here for $5 each piece.  There are high end designer gowns and evening dresses that might retail for $600 that are sold here for $50.  You'll find deeply discounted fashion jewelry.  The merchandise changes all the time, but there are always designer jeans some priced as low as $4 each, and many designer jeans that retail for $150 are sold for only $30 at the FIDM store.  Watch our TV report below to see more of the best deals on TV.


Every once in a while we stumble on a small outlet with legitimate deals.  Buyer's Brand Outlet is at 8646 West Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles, between La Cienega and Robertson, and it has a small parking lot.  Call them at (310) 652-6363.

If you enjoy shopping, you will enjoy Buyer's Brand Outlet for its low overhead, bargain shopping environment.  There are men's designer suits by Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss with department store labels sewn into the garments and these are now priced at only $69.95.  Designer sport jackets are less, or course.  There are also name brand shirts and ties.

Women will find designer clothes by BCBG, Lis Claiborne, INC priced as low at $10.95 each piece.  You will also find fashions by Liz Claiborne, Michael Kors, Alfani, Kasper, Guess, DKNY and Rampage.

Now some important shopping tips.  First, there is a small parking lot so avoid the usual rush to this outlet that happens around 5pm.  Shop earlier in the day when the parking lot has plenty of spaces.  Second, the outlet is open Sunday through Thursday; they close early on Friday, and the outlet is closed on Saturday.

You will find racks of merchandise direct from department stores as well as shipping boxes with designer fashions from department stores.  Yes, suits and jackets are arranged by sizes -- but be prepared to spend some time hunting for your deals.

One more tip: they have a "store card" that offers an additional 5% discount at checkout.  Ask for the "card" and if they don't have it-- ask for the extra 5% off.  Tell them that I told you to ask for the extra discount.


Update October 2, 2011  Dahdoul Textiles is now taking the lead in selling clothing at $5.99 in Southern California.  And it features fashion jeans for women at $7.99 and for men at $9.99 and also discounts bras, socks, sweatshirts, hoodies and more.  Dahdoul Textiles is just off the 5 Freeway in Commerce at the Bandini and Garfield Exit. It's at 7200 Bandini Boulevard in Commerce and you can call them at (323) 837-1030.  See our latest Best Buys TV Show report about the clothing deals on the "Home Decor / Linens" page.

Here on our new media website "Moneyman" Alan Mendelson who is the original Best Deals TV Show reporter on KCAL9 and consumer advocate, shows you the best deals on TV, and the best buys, bargains and where savvy shoppers go to save, and how to get the most for "your money" with the best of Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County. Some content on is paid advertising. The Best Buys TV Show is a paid infomercial program which may also include news and information which is not sponsored or paid for by advertisers.

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