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Here is where we will tell you about Attorney Jonathan Leventhal of the Leventhal Law Group in Woodland Hills, California and his estate planning services. He can also help you with a will and other legal issues including a personal bankruptcy and care for minor children.  Call his office for personal one-on-one attention at 818-347-5800 or 877-90-WILLS or go to for more information. Even a small estate can require professional advice.


Attorney Jonathan Leventhal deals with some of the crucial issues of life that most family members don't want to think about, including their own death or the death of a spouse and what will happen to their assets and to their children.

Attorney Jonathan Leventhal creates legal plans that will take care of your dependents including minor children and decide how your assets should be distributed. By creating trusts he helps families avoid expensive probate which also could result in your assets being distributed by the courts against your wishes or intentions.

His goal is to make you "worry a little bit less" with estate planning.

Jonathan Leventhal can help you create a plan so that your assets are properly protected from taxes, probate, or "even people you may no longer wish to support." For example, if you have been divorced you may not know that many ex-spouses are legally entitled to assets unless you have updated the required documents. Have you updated your life insurance beneficiaries, for example? What Jonathan Leventhal wants to do is make sure your estate plan spells out how your property and assets are to be distributed among children, relatives, loved ones, or even to organizations as donations. In some cases, a conservatorship may be required.

Making sure your loved ones are cared for is probably the most important aspect of estate planning. Your legal will can designate who should care for your children, and trusts can establish a system to assure financial support for your children and disabled family members, or even for the long term health care of a parent, your spouse, or yourself.

Attorney Jonathan Leventhal will personally handle your estate planning. You will not be dealing with a paralegal or an assistant as he offers one-on-one personalized service. For a free initial consultation call 818-347-5800. He can also help with other legal issues including personal bankruptcy.

It all starts with a free consultation. He will discuss your current situation, and your goals for the future. He will then explain the various ways to plan for the future and then you can decide what would best work for you and your loved ones. Should you be ready to proceed with creating any legal documentation, you will formally enter an attorney-client relationship and he will be retained as your estate planning lawyer.

Remember, you will deal directly with him throughout the whole process, not another attorney or paralegal. Resolving probate or creating your plan won’t happen overnight, but he promises he will be accessible should you have any questions or concerns and he promptly react to your communications. In fact, Leventhal told me, "should any client call me, and I fail to return their call within 2 business days – I will credit that client $100 towards legal fees or write a check to the client if all fees have been paid to date."

Find out how his personal service, experience, and dedication can help you. From a simple will to a comprehensive estate plan, he offer a range of legal services from his Woodland Hills, Los Angeles County office. Credit Cards are accepted and evening or weekend appointments may be arranged if your schedule requires. Email or call to schedule a free consultation: 818-347-5800. Remember he has a guarantee for his clients: He promises to return “CLIENTS” phone calls within 1 business day or he will pay them $100. Our Best Buys TV Show report is below.

The Leventhal Law Group P.C. is a Debt Relief Agency Under federal law. They help people file for bankruptcy and their website for bankruptcy information is

Leventhal Law Group
21550 Oxnard Street, 3rd Floor
Woodland Hills, California 91367

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