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If you are selling real estate -- whether it's a house or a condominium or a townhouse or vacant property -- you need to find the right professional who will give you the best service for your particular assignment.  Not all real estate agents are the same or work the same or know your particular market.  And not all real estate agents are using the latest marketing tools and techniques.  So here, we are going to give you ideas about real estate agents who can offer you an edge at selling your house or your property.  A real estate agent using the right tools to fit your property can help you to get a faster sale, a better sale, and a better price.


Update March 27, 2015  When too many families decide to sell their home, they turn over too much control to their real estate agent -- including their common sense. Many families are selling because they have to sell. Maybe they've already bought another home, or maybe they're moving to another city, or maybe they've decided to move into a smaller property because the kids are off to college or on their own. And because they have to sell, they turn over too much of their own decision-making to the Realtor hoping that the Realtor knows best.

Unfortunately while the Realtor knows plenty, the Realtor might do what is best for the Realtor and not for the home sellers. Realtors work on a commission and are rarely if ever paid anything in advance for the sale and marketing and advertising of your home. And that is precisely why Realtors are hesistant to invest anything and especially real money into the sale and marketing and advertising of your home. If there is any marketing and advertising of your home it will no doubt be in some newspaper or leaflet that will feature dozens of other homes being marketed by other real estate agents in the same office and that advertising is probably paid for by the agent's office with very little coming directly out of your agent's pocket.

One of the common "perks" that a Realtor might tell you about is holding an "Open House" at your property. Realtors might even promise you multiple "Open Houses" to showcase your home. But don't be fooled by this promise because the dirty little secret of the real estate business is that most Realtors use the open house at your house to find buyers for other properties they are selling. After all, when "Jane and Bob" walk into your house on open house day and tell the Realtor "it's just not right for us" the first thing your Realtor is going to say is "what are you looking for? I just might have a property for you!"

Realtors, for the most part, are still stuck selling homes the same way the industry sold homes in the 1950s and 1960s. They put up a sign on your front lawn, they knock on doors and hand out leaflets, and they put "hangers" on door knobs. But a lot has changed since the 1960s including the Internet and YouTube and TV and radio and Realtors for the most part either don't know or don't want to spend the money to use this new media.

Can you blame them for not spending the money? Perhaps not, because they only get paid when your home is sold and they collect the commission. It takes a progressive-thinking Realtor with some money in the bank who is willing to invest in advertising and promoting your property.

It also takes a real estate agent who cares about your listing. If the real estate agent has many listings he might give preference to those with a bigger price tag because they will bring a bigger commission. This is why you must be careful about signing with a "listing broker" who doesn't really care about selling your home -- he cares just about getting your listing. Then, the listing broker sits back to collect a commission when another Realtor finds the buyer.

This is why you must carefully interview any Realtor before you list your home for sale. Ask if they are a "listing broker" or if they will actually work to market and sell your home. If the Realtor says they will hold an open house at your property say "no thanks," because that's not likely to produce a buyer for you. Ask how your home will be advertised and marketed? Will a video be put on YouTube? Will there be a special website created with the website address on the "for sale" sign in front of your home?

What about Television advertising? While there are real estate programs on TV beware of those that are on "public access channels" on cable TV systems that in reality have very few, if any, viewers. On the other hand, traditional TV can be affordable with expert guidance.

You've often heard the phrase that your home is the biggest investment of your life. Well, investigate your options properly for what certainly is the biggest investment of your life. And don't let a real estate agent nickel and dime your big investment. It's a new world, and selling real estate the way it was done in the 1950s and 1960s won't necessarily bring you the best, most qualified buyer with the best offer in this new era of new media.

Remember that the same way consumers go online to shop websites for a dress or a car or a watch, they also can go online to shop for a new home. Be sure your home has a prominent online presence with video, full descriptions, and a virtual tour to substitute for an open house. And remember, an "open house tour" on the Internet and on traditional TV can bring thousands of people into your home and the carpets will not get dirty and no one will break your Lladro sculptures.


Update September 24, 2013  Realtor Eric Kirkland of Main Beach Realty in Laguna Beach, California, is very proud of the extra attention that he gives sellers in the Laguna Beach real estate market.  He has lived in Laguna Beach for more than 30 years and with that knowledge he is able to help buyers and sellers close their deals.  Eric also has experts and sources lined up ready to help buyers with financing and he will help his sellers not only get a fast close but also the best price for their property.  For more information see our "Real Estate / Laguna Beach" page.

Eric Kirkland, Realtor
Main Beach Realty


Update March 27, 2013  Here we are well into the 21st century and many real estate agents are still selling homes the same way it was done in the 1950's with signs and postcards and door hangers and other traditional real estate tools.  Maribel Munoz of Keller Williams Realty has embraced the new media and she knows that the new media including TV and the Internet and outlets such as Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn (the Facebook like site for professionals) allows her to market your home or business to a wider audience at a lower cost.  She is also a short sale expert.

Maribel knows that the real estate market is much different now.  With record low mortgage rates and prices that were cut because of the great recession, homes now are almost selling themselves.  And that means that some real estate agents are not giving their clients their best efforts.  Maribel is different.  She knows that while there are multiple offers coming in for almost every home on the market by marketing smarter and better she is able to improve not only the number of offers but also the value of the offers for her clients.

Maribel Munoz recognizes the value of marketing homes with video on the Internet and on TV.  She knows that a video online or on broadcast TV allows a homeowner to have a "walk through" of their home with thousands of potential buyers -- and the carpet will never get dirty and there will never be a parking problem in the neighborhood.

Maribel's new media marketing gets results.  And she asks, "don't you want a professional who is going to do more than put your home in the multiple listings?"  Our Best Buys TV Show report about how she uses the Internet, video and TV marketing is below.  She specializes in the areas of Azusa, Covina, West Covina, Duarte, Monrovia, San Dimas, Laverne and Glendora in the metropolitan Los Angeles area.

Maribel Munoz
Keller Williams Realty Glendora
DRE / 01243767

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