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New drapes and new upholstery can change the whole look of your home or office.  And here we will tell you about the best buys on drapery and upholstery so that you will get the most for your money and get the expert attention and care and service and quality for your decorating project.  As every decorator knows, adding the right drapery and the right upholstery can save you thousands in home remodeling and home redecorating costs.  New drapes and reupholstering existing furniture can also save you thousands of dollars and give you a chic, new look with less trouble.


Update May 1, 2012  The name of this well known boutique is Daniel's Design House, but you probably know it for the quality home decor it offers.  That's why you might know it by its other name -- Daniel's Custom Made Drapery, Furniture & Upholstery.  This boutique design firm is all about quality design that serves professional decorators as a maker of fine upholstery, draperies and custom furniture. 

Daniel's Custom Made Drapery, Furniture & Upholstery has been in business for more than three decades in the Thousand Oaks area of Ventura County and it serves decorators and consumers throughout the Los Angeles and Ventura County areas.

While Daniel's Design House designs for decorators and caters to the interior design trade, Daniel's is open to the public with great prices.  Customers can get a free design consultation from experienced designers and you can get your custom draperies and upholstery and furniture made to your exact specifications by their expert craftsmen at their boutique and facility in Thousand Oaks.

Danie's Custom Made Drapery, Furniture & Upholstery can create decorative valances and roman shares; they can build motorized draperies and shades, and design and create your custom bedding and headboards.  And they do it all in their own craft shop at their Thousand Oaks location.  Outdoor upholstery is also a specialty and this includes barbecue covers, cushions and furnishings for cabanas.  And don't forget the free in-home consultation.  Our Best Buys TV Show report is below.

Daniel's Design House
Daniel's Custom Made Drapery, Furniture & Upholstery
1811 East Thousand Oaks Boulevard
Thousand Oaks, California 91362
(805) 494-4941
(818) 707-7379

Here is our report on Daniel's Design House from May, 2012.

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