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When you give a gift it's the thought that counts.  When you give a Valentine's Day gift the thought really counts.

Valentine's Day 2018 falls on a Wednesday.  So if your Valentine is at work on Wednesday, February 14th be ready to get a gift that's not only perfect for your Valentine, but will also make a good impression on your Valentine's co-workers.  Yes, I'm afraid that might mean flowers for the ladies or something that will make the guys envious.  So Valentine's Day 2018 could be a very good one for the florists or for brokers of sports tickets or sellers of sports merchandise.  Florists actually hate when Valentine's Day falls on a weekend -- because that's when traditional flowers for Valentine's Day can be replaced by weekend getaways, an overnight in a hotel, or a lavish dinner. Here we will tell you about some Valentine's Day special promotions.

Because Valentine's Day 2018 falls on a Wednesday, and not a Saturday or a Friday, cupids who are picking up the check might find they can get reservations and a break at their favorite restaurants. The same is true if you're planning a getaway trip to spend Valentine's night at a hotel or perhaps in Vegas. Hotel occupancies in Las Vegas are traditionally lower on Wednesday nights so there might be a break on rates too. If however you are planning on making your Valentine's getaway during the preceding weekend, well you and all the other Romeos and Juliets might be seeing traditionally higher weekend rates.

In this economy there is nothing wrong with being practical for Valentine's Day gift giving. Instead of flowers that last a week a new watch, a new camera, a new purse or a new computer aren't exactly bad ideas. But whatever you do, don't buy the lady anything associated with housework and that includes a set of dishes, cooking gear, vacuums, steamers or even gourmet steaks that have to be cooked later. If you run out of ideas, you can give your lady a gift certificate for a massage or for a housecleaning crew visit so she can have a day off.

Hobby items for guys can't miss including a special golf club, new tennis gear, clothing, a wallet -- guys don't need flowers. Guys love practical gifts so reserving and paying for a tee time or game tickets isn't bad either. And in our new practical economy, couples might decide on joint gifts that might include a kitchen or bathroom remodel, or some new furniture or new flooring or appliances.

There are couples activities for Valentine's Day including dual massages if you can't get away to a hotel or resort. And there's nothing wrong with a simple date night to a movie, a bucket of popcorn, a Nehi and a coney.


The bedding company called Mattress Firm which is in parts of Southern California and the Las Vegas area is having a sale on selected king size bedding sets that will be sold at queen prices, and queen sets that will be sold at twin prices. There is also a free power base being offered on select mattresses. The Las Vegas location in Summerlin has additional discounts. Call Alex at 702-939-9393 and mention our Best Buys TV Show for the additional discounts.


Below are some of the new arrivals for Valentine's Day at Atlantis Watches and Jewelry in Tustin. This unique store offers a combination of new and estate jewelry and prices are always discounted because of their low overhead. There is also free parking so if you are in the area you will save time and money by not driving and then parking in the jewelry district of downtown Los Angeles.

Atlantis Watches and Jewelry
1631 Edinger Avenue, Tustin

Below are two Riviera diamond necklaces and a diamond heart necklace. Following that is a photo of a custom 14-karat yellow gold bangle bracelet. And below that is a halo diamond engagement ring that is currently priced at $3,195 and in regular retail stores it might sell for $6,000. This is a new piece.  And next to the halo diamond engagement ring is a princess diamond engagement ring set.

Then you will see a collection of diamond, tennis and modern bracelets in platinum and gold.

Below the bracelets is a photo of a rare Tiffany 18-karat rose gold lock pendant necklace. This is an estate item and no longer made by Tiffany.

Finally is a photo of a men’s Rolex 41mm DateJust model 126333. It is less than a year old and retails for $12,700 and is available for only $9,995.



We are in a new "practical economy" where many couples decide to concentrate on value that they can live with, including home remodeling and redecorating. And in recent years, many couples have chosen major purchases for the home for mutual gift giving. So, it makes sense that The Remodeling Guys in Woodland Hills has come up with a Valentine's Day promotion for couples for new flooring. In this deal you can save up to 70% off flooring products and next day installation is possible if the product is in stock. Visit their showroom and call 818-564-4969 for an appointment.

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