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Here's where we'll tell you about real estate news for California, includng information about new real estate, resales, trends in real estate and news that is important to home buyers and home sellers.


Update April 4, 2012  There have always been discounted real estate brokerage services and services that charge a flat fee when they help homeowners sell their homes, but now the idea is spreading and full service real estate firms are now using the best of these ideas.  Realtor Jack Ritoli of Southern California Realty Associates has just announced a new flat-fee home selling service.

Ritoli's Fixed Listing Service works this way:  There is a fixed, defined fee so there are no surprises when the property sells.  The fee will vary with the price of the home but it will be significantly less than what most realtors charge with standard commission fees.

For example, if you sell a $200,000 home, the flat fee is $6,000 and this is paid at the close of escrow.  A traditional real estate service might charge a commision of as much as 6% when a home sells and in this case that commission would be $12,000.

So, what do you get with the Southern California Realty Associates Fixed Fee Service?  Well, you pretty much get the same services you'd get with the brokers who charge those 6% fees.  I've sold several homes during my lifetime and it appears that you are getting the same services but at a significantly lower cost.  Jack Ritoli gave me the rundown about what his service includes:

1.  Your home is included in the Multiple Listing Service.
2.  Your home is promoted on various real estate Internet search engines like and and others.
3.  Open Houses are included in the service.
4.  Yard signs are included in the service.
5.  Flyers about your home will be distributed as part of the service.
6.  You will be included in the advertising of Southern California Realty Associates in newspapers, and email marketing, and TV advertising.
7.  You also get the marketing savvy of Realtor Jack Ritoli and Southern California Realty Associates including guidance on pricing, advice on how to make your home more appealing, and other marketing tips.

For information call (909) 636 2759.  Watch our video below.


Update November 4, 2011  If you are trying to sell a home, the most important meeting you will have is the meeting to consider an offer.  But before that time arrives the most important meeting you will have is with a real estate agent who will try to get your listing.  The listing agent -- the real estate agent who signs you up as a home seller and who puts your home on the market -- stands to make a lot of money.

There are, in the business, "listing agents" whose entire business model is to sign up home sellers.  They do little if any actual work to sell your home.  And to make money they don't have to do any work to sell your home.  If another real estate agent sells your home the "listing agent" will get part of the commission.

So when you list your home, you should have it spelled out exactly what the listing agent is going to do for you.  Is the listing agent simply going to list your home on the various computer systems that all realtors have access to?  Or is this listing agent actually going to do some work on your behalf?

Will the real estate agent advertise your home and what kind of advertising will it be?  Will there be newspaper ads and radio ads and TV ads?  Will there be handouts at local shopping centers?  How about signs -- how many signs and where?  Will the real estate agent hold an open house at your property and how many, and how will the open house be advertised?

Now, a lot of real estate agents love to hold an open house and here is a word of caution.  An open house helps a real estate agent meet home buyers who may not necessarily be interested in your house.  The reality is your real estate agent might be using your house to only attract buyers and the real estate agent could use your open house to find a client for another property on the market.  Sometimes I wonder if home sellers should charge a real estae agent for using their home for open houses -- sort of a "staging fee" for use of the property?

And don't forget the importance of having your home marketed on the Internet.  These days everyone looks on the web first before getting in the car.  So ask your real estate agent how will your home be presented on the web?  Will there be just a thumbnail photo and a copy of the basic listing document used in various listing services?  That would be dull.  Or will your real estate agent take time -- and spend the money -- to have photos throughout your home, and photos of the neighborhood and nearby shopping and transportation and schools to help "sell" your property?

Remember that fees with real estate agents are negotiable, and you want to have an understanding and a contract about how the real estate agent will market your home.  You also want to be careful selecting a real estate agent and company so ask for recommendations and go around your neighborhood and check for other signs -- not just for the "for sale" signs, but also the "sold" signs.

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