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Your lawn and garden can add value to your home with curb appeal and style, and here is where we will tell you about new developments in lawn and garden care as well as show you the best deals and values in Southern California for lawn and garden maintenance.


Update September 24, 2012  If you are a homeowner, there are all sorts of problems for maintaining a high quality lawn because of some of the new water restrictions that various governments are now putting in place.  Not only are there water restrictions, but the price of water is going up.  Then there are labor costs in case you can't do lawn mowing yourself.  Don't forget about the cost of maintaining a sprinkler or irrigation system for your lawn, plus the cost of fertilizer and the problems you can have with insects, critters and sometimes allergies.  That's why you might want a quality, artificial lawn to save your time, your water, and your money and to add great curb appeal and value to your property.  Care Free Grass is the company you should call at (909) 949-8800 for information about their high quality artificial turf.  This is a new phone number.  And go to their website at for information.  Watch the video report below.


L.A. Faux Grass sells and installs synthetic turf.  They also sell small sheets of synthetic or artificial grass so you can do-it-yourself on trouble spots on your lawn.  I was very impressed with this company's knowledge of current tax and government incentives for the installation of artificial grass and with water restrictions getting tighter and the cost of water going higher, a lawn from L.A. Faux Grass could easily pay for itself in as few as four years when you consider the savings of water, maintenance, gardening, fertilizer and upkeep of sprinkler systems.  While this company is headquartered in Agoura Hills, it serves all of Southern California.  You will appreciate their fast response, excellent knowledge, and their variety of artificial grass so that your home will look natural.  Call them at (866) 404-2121 or go to their website for information.

Synthetic or artificial grass offers many advantages including no stains from pet's doing their "business" and no allergies, no mold and no mildew, and of course no watering and no mowing.  Imagine what you'll save by not having to own a lawnmower or hiring someone to cut your lawn!  Watch our video report below.

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